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High Quality Uk Horse Racing betting advice. Free Newsletter providing expert analysis of major races.


May 12, 2010

Profitable Scottish football betting advice. Selections are based on knowledge of longer term stats and trends plus my ability to pick up the...

Football Bets

May 12, 2010

Professional soccer betting advice from a panel of experts who include amongst them ex odds compilers from well known major bookmakers. A case of...


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May 12, 2010 
RacingTrends is not a tipster service or a system at all. It is really aimed at those who prefer to make their own betting decisions but want the back-up of an arsenal of painstaking research behind them to help inform their choices. To such people, it provides a huge amount of well-researched stats and figures for each day’s upcoming racing. And whether your approach is to look for stand-out bets or lays or to get a sense of which horses to stagger profits on if trading, with useful cold hard facts and figures to hand, Racing Trends should help you make better betting decisions. If you are looking for a service to augment your own betting as opposed to one simply supplying you with daily tips then Racing Trends is very much worth a look. Note their FREE HORSE RACING COURSE


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