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Football Bets

May 12, 2010

Professional soccer betting advice from a panel of experts who include amongst them ex odds compilers from well known major bookmakers. A case of...


May 12, 2010

Profitable Scottish football betting advice. Selections are based on knowledge of longer term stats and trends plus my ability to pick up the...

High Quality Uk Horse Racing betting advice. Free Newsletter providing expert analysis of major races.

Golf Bet Profits

Golf Bet Profits
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May 31, 2011 
Hi my name is Simon and my natural flair for golfing profits go back to 1989. I remember my very first golf bet was on Nick Faldo to win the Masters in 1989. I simply figured he would be massively inspired by his great enemy Sandy Lyle winning it the year before. He won at a fantastic 25/1 and for the following weeks I was certainly the most popular boy in Sixth Form. With a taste of Golf Betting success so began my strategy which has been nicely honed over the last twenty plus years allowing me to make an exceptional living as a Professional Sports Investor.


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