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May 12, 2010

Profitable Scottish football betting advice. Selections are based on knowledge of longer term stats and trends plus my ability to pick up the...

High Quality Uk Horse Racing betting advice. Free Newsletter providing expert analysis of major races.

Football Bets

May 12, 2010

Professional soccer betting advice from a panel of experts who include amongst them ex odds compilers from well known major bookmakers. A case of...

WBX Betting Exchange

WBX Betting Exchange
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May 18, 2012 
An up and coming betting exchange. Perhasp not as liquid as it's two main competitors but that can actually be an advantage at times. Lay a poor odds bet and there you may top price and get matched whilst the same odds if offered on a more liquid exchange would be way down the list and never matched. Worth a visit even if only to pinch their free bet offer. Some of the upsides WBX would claim are as follows. • Safe & Secure – WBX is fully licensed and regulated in the UK. Member funds are held within a separate company WBX Members Funds Limited; one of few companies which opens its books to independent audits. • Better odds - on most major sports including Tennis, Soccer & Horse Racing • WBX doesn't discriminate against winners or limit betting in any way, and has no premium charges for winning members. • At WBX you can bet against other members and set your own odds • Ability to back or lay a bet, i.e. betting against an outcome • A good live product with better live odds on high interest sporting events e.g. Australian Tennis Open, Rugby World Cup, Cricket ODI/Twenty20, English Premier League, etc. • WBX is the only exchange that offers a loyalty refund • Ability to "Green Up" during the betting process - members funds can be freed up to bet on other markets and don’t have to wait for markets to be closed • More dynamic markets - prices for live & fast moving non-live markets such as horse/greyhound racing change more frequently. • Live betting offered on every tennis match. • Lower commissions in comparison to other betting exchanges. WBX charges 3 to 5% commission, with up to 60% discount for loyal members, meaning that members can pay as low as 1.2% commission. • Mobile betting from smart phones, tablets and a mobile friendly website for traditional phones, with no downloads required • Best execution - match a bet at better odds than asked for, when available. This is particularly useful during live markets when odds change frequently • Members can manage their live position with a P/L in market screen and “what if” feature. • Members can view bet amounts available at different prices and bet histories • Minimum bet is £1, no maximum


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